The newest anhydrous continuous dyeing technology in China adopts the production unit of disperse dye anhydrous continuous dyeing, which only consumes the water of liquid dye in treating general polyester fabric.Technology to achieve no waste water, solid waste discharge, and can save land and equipment and materials.


1Technical description


Printing and dyeing industry water consumption, energy efficiency at the bottom, heavy pollution and other prominent problems, has been criticized, and anhydrous continuous printing and dyeing new technology using disperse dye anhydrous continuous dyeing production device, has made a breakthrough in technology.It will be divided into the production of sealed fixation and pad dyeing color link.Airtight fixation process includes: low temperature pre-drying, high temperature airtight fixation, fabric shaping.The process of pad dyeing and coloring includes: special liquid fuel, uniform coloring of low rolling residue, continuous transmission of needle plate.


2 Technical characteristics


Ditch the dye VAT: General-purpose polyester fabrics consume only water from liquid dyes


Limit dyeing rate: no waste water and solid waste discharge


Integrated short process: save land and equipment and materials


Production continuity


3 Product appearance




4Operating benefits


Environmental benefits


The 2017 Edition of The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology "Printing and Dyeing Industry Specification Conditions" stipulates that the upper limit of comprehensive water consumption per ton of fabric dyeing is 140 tons, the standard comprehensive water consumption of dyeing enterprises can be controlled at about 50 tons of general polyester fabric dyeing, this technology only consumes 0.5 tons of dye water per ton.Printing and dyeing enterprises can save 600 square meters of site and 50 tons of steel per 10,000 tons of dyeing production capacity by using this technology, and save 54,500 tons of steam per year during operation.


Economic benefits


By saving water and energy and saving dyes, the annual profit of dyeing production per ten thousand tons can be increased by ten million yuan, which is higher than the total profit of dyeing production per ten thousand tons in most dyeing factories.At present, the outdated polyester dyeing capacity of replacement and technical transformation is more than 5 million tons.The market capacity of tens of billions of yuan and the net profit rate of sales of more than 30% can bring good market returns to innovative technologies.

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